<aside> 📩 This project is under NDA. Please feel free to reach out via email (amyli32@outlook.com) for more detailed case studies :)


Modified for NDA compliance and presentation

Modified for NDA compliance and presentation

Project Overview

Team: 1 PM, 1 interaction design mentor, 1 content specialist, 1 software engineer,  1 iSIM PM, 1 iSIM Product Marketer

My role: Interaction Design Intern

Timeline: June 2021 – August 2021

Platform: Desktop application

Tool: Sketch

Context of Nokia and iSIM product

As I was onboarding, I learned that Nokia provides digital service providers/telecommunication companies like Verizon with the network infrastructure for phone plan subscription, and their newest product iSIM Secure Connect software was planned for launch in July 2021.

User Problem

Blurred for NDA compliance

Blurred for NDA compliance

Customers who are often telecommunication company executives can’t easily understand the technical process behind the Nokia software product from a technical diagram (like the one above), so they can’t confidently sign a business deal.

Business Problem

After chatting with my PM and the iSIM PM, I gathered that based on the demo usage analytics and survey feedback from the Sales and Pre-Sales unit, demos with heavy use of technical jargons result in poor user adoption and sales conversion, which is hurting Nokia’s revenue. The iSIM product team needs something different to be competitive in the market and increase sales.

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